Just a page to post thoughts of gratitude – in no particular order except how they come to me…

I’m grateful

  • the neighbor’s daughter, who helps me see the world through her wonder-filled eyes
  • juvenile squirrels playing grab-ass
  • finding trilliums in the forrest
  • for books
  • that my mother and my grandmother instilled in me a love of textile arts – and that I’m actually pretty good at one – knitting
  • that I’m almost finished with the afghan from hell, aka “the gift”
  • that my DH loves me so – it can be quite humbling
  • that I am healthy enough to take care of our home and make it peaceful
  • that my mother taught me how to cook the basics – like kick-ass and take names cornbread
  • that I can wake up and gaze across the frost glazed pasture and watch a small herd of deer
  • that my hair dresser is a kind soul and he makes me feel beautiful
  • that I’m taking care of myself and feeling a renewed energy
  • for DH’s yummy vegetable soup
  • for the cool crisp air moving in
  • that my father is doing better and kicking pneumonia in the ass
  • for having a job
  • for having work that allows flexibility in my hours and location
  • for being able to talk all night with DH instead of watching TV
  • for Noaa’s Love
  • for DH’s incredible cooking
  • that I have work
  • that I have this list

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