Discovery 1: So, this little black piece of plastic I wear around my wrist, aka the UP24, is truly motivating me:

  • We went to our place in No Ga this weekend and I normally am quite inactive there – I read, I knit, etc.  Not so this weekend:  On Friday, I took several walks around our property and at one point – just basically did a parade march in the back  yard (our back yard is HUGE!).  It was quite meditative and wonderful.
  • On Saturday, I decided to do a Leslie Sansone workout (I stream from Gaiam TV).  Afterwards, I asked my husband how annoying hearing my stepping was.  His answer: I didn’t notice.  So – working out our a place in No Ga is an option I though I didn’t have!

Discovery 2: I am allergic or sensitive to certain kinds, hopefully not all, of soy.  This part may be TMI – sorry in advance.  We decided to go have lunch at this wonderful Asian place that specializes in Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.  We had egg rolls (more like spring rolls), pan fried pork dumplings and because I wanted vegetables, I ordered a hot pot of chicken Tom Yum soup.   Within two sips of the soup, my stomach turned.  I stopped eating, because I recognized the turn – within an hour, I’d be puking.  And I was – in the restroom at the Ingles in Blairsville (so sorry to anyone who heard me – it was truly awful).  The rest of the afternoon was spent  – well, to be delicate – having my system drained from both ends.  Not fun.

So why the self diagnosis of an allergy or sensitivity to soy?  Because this has happened once before – in the same restaurant.  This time, the culprit, we think, was a soy based ginger dressing on a yummy salad.  Unfortunately, I didn’t stop eating  that time.  It was a very ugly afternoon.

Anyway, the soy – or tofu – are the only commonalities.  The distress came on too quickly to be food poisoning and the first time, my husband ate exactly what I did and was not ill.  We looked up the symptoms for allergies to soy and well – I was a text book case form 3 of them.

I think I can eat soy sauce – will try.  I will, though, avoid anything that has tofu in it including miso soup.  That makes me sad – but it’s better than another unpleasant afternoon.

And on a more pleasant, sort of, topic – the southeast may be in for some wintery weather. Hubby and I are prepared – and I gave myself a break: Instead of planning to have bologna sandwiches each day for lunch, the way hubby is, I’m having Progresso Soup.  I may have a sandwich one day – but only one.  I really want to stick with my lighter lunches.  I’m feeling SO much better.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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One Response to Discoveries

  1. Zazamataz says:

    I would not have a problem giving up tofu! I’ve never tried miso soup but I keep hearing that it’s delicious, so I’m sorry you are having to give up favorite foods. Have you eaten them from elsewhere? Could it be something specific to this restaurant?

    Congratulations on feeling so much better. Glad to hear that the UP24 is so motivating – I will look into it for myself once I’m moving a little better. I’m all set up now for doing my chair yoga and chair pilates – now I just have to do them.

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