Not so consistent – at least on here

I disappeared – but there’s a good reason – our internet was all but non-existent for the better part of week.

What did I do?  I kept up with myself manually for the most part.  One of the Moleskine’s I bought is a weekly agenda – 1 page has the days of the week and the next page is blank.  I’ve started using it as my food tracker and to record bullet points about lessons learned as well as did I feel light, delicious and open.

Where I need to improve is to have goals – to do’s  –   around the actions I’m going to take outside of food choice to help myself feel light, delicious and open.  Baby steps.  That will start on Monday.

In addition to the internet disappearing and forcing me to go analog, my father’s only remaining sibling died last week after being in the hospital for 3 weeks – she went in with a broken femur but died of pneumonia and the flu.  She was 92 – and not well enough to take on the hospital cooties.  There was a good bit of family drama last week – my father is also not well and we were all waiting to hear his decision about attending my aunt’s funeral.  If he attended, one of us (my brothers or I) would need to take off work, travel to SC to pick up my parents, drive to VA and  drive back to SC and then home.  For one brother – that meant a flight from CA to SC.  All three of us were more than willing to do it.  When I think about the pain I will feel when I learn that one of my brothers has died (they are older, I’m assuming natural order here), I can only imagine the pain my father is in.  He’s the only one left in his immediate family.   He must be feeling so very sad and lonely right now.

My husband and I are going to visit my parents soon.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen them and I’m quite eager to lay eyes on my father. My mother’s reports (he doesn’t talk on the phone much) that he is not well.  I want to see for myself.  And if he’ll let me  – give him a hug.

As for me – I’ve decided to start weighing myself daily again.  YIKES.  I think it’s feedback I need right now.  I feel better since cleaning up my food some – lots of broccoli at lunches these past 2 weeks.  Leaving food on my plate, etc.  It’s time for some other feedback too.

And weirdly, I’m thinking of joining a gym for one reason and one reason only: treadmill.  I so desperately want a treadmill and they are outside our budget.  There is a Workout Anytime about a mile a way from home and it’s only $15/month.  I can justify that if I use it twice a week.

Why a treadmill? I can walk.  I don’t need to know fancy aerobics moves or get frustrated because I can’t put my body into a pretzel.  I can simply throw on some sweats, my walking shoes and walk.  So why not do that outside?  I hate doing it alone.

So – in the spirit of giving myself a break, I’m really looking at joining a gym so I can walk.  It’s on the way home from work and right next to our grocery store.  I can go work out and then pick up things from the store.  Two birds, one stop.  I like it.

And I’m going to keep up with the manual tracking and question answering.  From time to time, I’ll write about here to keep myself accountable that I’m doing it.  (I don’t lie on here)

There is an essay series on TheKitchn that I’ve been following with interest. It’s written by a ‘foodie’ about how she’s losing weight and loving food.  It’s real. It’s not a diet.  It’s just her story and I like it.   Here are some links:

The first column over at the Kitchn:  Is There a Healthy Way to Love Food and Watch Your Weight?

The author’s personal blog: What I Weigh Today


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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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2 Responses to Not so consistent – at least on here

  1. Snoskred says:

    I’m tread-mill-ing too. I borrowed one from my parents – I do have an elliptical here but I thought seeing as this is me getting back into exercise after a year of not being allowed – for health reasons – that walking would be a better way to start.

    For me I kicked off with short walks each day – 1km to begin – and worked my way up to walking an hour (5km) each day. Then I thought I would kick it up another notch and go for two hours, but my treadmill did not like this plan and switched itself off after an hour and a half.

    I left a couple of comments recently that may have ended up in your spam bin, fyi. 🙂

    • Maura says:

      Thanks for the info on you got back into walking. On Wednesday, I’m stopping by the gym on my way home from work to see how crowded it is at that hour – will I even be able to grab a treadmill, etc. I’m going to try talk them into a week’s pass so I can go on the days I typically would go and see how it is. Convenience is important and this place is. Not as convenient as working out in my own home, but for some reason going down to the dungeon garage to do a Leslie Sansone video that will leave my knees aching just does not appeal.

      I did find one comment you left in the spam box. Yes, I should unsubscribe. It is something like looking at a car wreck – I know I should look away but can’t help myself. But…. here I go. Clicking that Unsubscribe button now.

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