First Temptation: Conquered

So, an email was delivered to my inbox today (seriously thinking about unsubscribing from that list) hawking a new book: Pleasurable Weight Loss

I just looked and DID NOT CLICK!  Yay me!

And I’ve been consistent with my food at work.  Will write more about that later.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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13 Responses to First Temptation: Conquered

  1. Snoskred says:

    You should unsubscribe from it! 😉 Do it now.. 🙂

  2. Suz says:

    I received it too’s another one of those slick “Unrealistic” love yourself , be happy , losing weight is easy as long as you pay me to show you the way ..Nothing new ..just slick marketing ..Here is some REAL news ….losing weight is NOT easy it takes commitment and hard work ..why do people buy into this crap ?

    • Maura says:

      Suz, I followed a link off of WhatIWeigh today to a site for another food coach. This one actually has credentials I like. But no price on the 12-week program. Tells me it’s PRICEY! But the premise is calling a truce with food and designing your own plan to get healthy. Hmmm – I think I’m doing that in my own way.

      • Suz says:

        I cannot find her 12 week program..I am curious about it..can you please direct me . I am not sure she charges for anything…she may only be blogging,(wouldn’t that be refreshing?) unlike the Jena LaFlamme and Sarah Jenks of the world who are in it for the money .

      • Maura says:

        Suz, sorry – I was not clear when I mentioned the 12-week program. It’s not Joy Manning’s program, but Ali Shapiro’s – I clicked a link from Joy Manning’s resource page on on What I Weigh Today. That link is:

  3. Suz says:

    wow Thanks Maura..I am reading Joy’s blog and you are correct about her. She actually has credibility! I am looking forward to following her and you . Let’s see where she leads us!

  4. Suz says:

    It’s amazing how all these “weight loss” gurus sound the same. There gorgeous websites and messages all say the same..”love yourself and the weight will melt off easily, pleasurably , quickly effortlessly” get the idea !! . I wonder if they subscribe to a script book that tells that what to do and say. Where did all these “experts” come from and why is anyone paying them for this crap ?

    • Maura says:

      Suz, in looking at the age of most of these ‘experts’, I’m seeing mainly women in their late twenties and early 30’s. I think some of them were having very hard times finding rewarding work because of the recession and I think some of them didn’t really want to hold down a ‘real’ job. And they got hooked on becoming life coaches and marketing their ‘niche.’ Bully for them. Hope it works for them. But I’m not shelling out my hard earned bucks for a self proclaimed expert.

      Now – the Truce with Food person at least has a background I respect. I can’t remember the name of program, but the person who started it has a medical and psychological background. He doesn’t purport that changes are easy – but he gives sound reason for making changes – and the changes he suggests are not always echoed by the likes of Weight Watchers. That’s what drew me to him – Mark David – The Slow Down Diet.

      Anyway – I think for me, the best thing is to put on blinders and do what I know works. Smaller portions, more veggies, water, movement. I’ve given way too much money to the diet industry to start shelling out more to this new wave of ‘ideas.’ So ignore them and be blissfully ignorant of the latest trends. That way I avoid the stress of bouncing from trend to trend or being unnecessarily angry about the solutions prescribed to me by babies.

      I give myself the gift of peace by no longer seeking the magic bullet.

  5. Suz says:

    oops “their”..sorry i was rushing

  6. Suz says:

    Thanks are so correct and so sensible. I love following your posts and your words of wisdom . You are a breath of fresh air . Keep posting ! hugs

  7. Lori says:

    Hey Maura , I have been following this thread and I want to thank you for your insight . I researched these “experts” and i discovered that the reason they all sound alike is that they all “graduated” from the on line “nutrition” school the Institute for Integrated Nutrition . I researched this “school” and found it to be suspect. Apparently , they really do not learn much about nutrition but rather how to market themselves. That is why they all sound alike with slightly different spins . I am with you Maura, I will not be sucked into these “expert babies” programs . I will be reading blogs like yours written by sensible woman who are not in it to make money off of vulnerable women . I will follow my own path to health and comfortable weight . thanks Maura

  8. Lauren says:

    yikes .somehow this came in my InBox. I get some crazy emails and not sure why or from where they are coming. I must have clicked on something somewhere. LOL !! I wanted to share this:
    “It’s true Sarah Jenks admits ( well almost ) that her Live More Weigh Less program never had anything to do with Weight Loss. It didn’t work for her after she put on the pounds and it didn’t work for anyone before either . She was scamming everyone then and now. Someone wrote on this thread that all they saw in the testimonies was either Obese woman who lost a little and remained very overweight or woman who were fat and loving it . All that is great but do not claim to have a weight loss program that is easy and fun all without dieting or exercise . We all know it DOES NOT work that way .
    Here is more proof her program is a scam and she is a fraud who is charging lots of money and for what ? Read her latest blog. Yup she taught them well how to hire photographers and how to blog. This is all great but it’s NOT a weight loss program .”

  9. Suz says:

    Wow , it’s been a long time. Thought you all may be interested in an update on Sarah Jenks. She has TOTALLY dropped her weight loss program as predicted. It didn’t work for her or anyone who was following her. She had 2 kids and spends most of her days at cafes eating pastries while her nanny takes care of her kids and the rest of her crew does everything else for her. No wonder she cannot lose weight . IT TAKES WORK TO LOSE WEIGHT.!! It looks like she spent way too much money on her last “program”, featuring many overweight women prancing around San Francisco with her. All looking HAPPY albeit overweight. All of that is Great if she didn’t call her program Live More, Weigh Less. Even when she changed her program to Live More she continues promising weight loss. Now she dropped all that and her new program is LIVE MORE METHOD. She said she doesn’t have ‘time” for a big marketing campaign so she is “simplifying”. Basically , it sounds like she needs to recoup the cost of her BIG launch. He new program sounds CRAZY CRAZY full of ‘spiritual” mumbo jumbo , crystals, soul blue prints ….CooKOO CooKOO ..ANYTHING to make a BUCK …so sad so many women fall for this .

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