Simple Pleasures Sunday

No picture this time.  Imagine the simple pleasure of not being bombarded by your own thoughts and the media messages that you’re broken and need fixing.  Think about how much more time you’d have to spend on things you love when you free up the time spent on sites/blogs aimed at telling you you’re broken so they can sell you the solution.  Here’s what got me to thinking about it:

An interesting conversation about the Live More Weigh Less scheme to part us from our hard earned money has evolved on one my first posts about it last year.  I don’t want to slam Sarah herself – I’m not sure her intention is bad, it’s just not realistic and the program is definitely for the privileged, not ordinary folks who don’t have $1500 to throw to a self proclaimed expert on how to lose weight.

I seem to invite being bombarded by the message “You’re broken and I have the key to fixing you. You just need to do this one thing and for x amount of your hard earned cash, I’ll help you do it.”  Rather than do self analysis about WHY I’ve invited that message into my life, I decided to turn it off.

This morning I edited my Feedly news feeds and turned off some of my favorite feeds: Already Pretty, The Sartorialist, Summer Tomato, Nourished Kitchen, the feed from Green Mountain, Lifehacker, and oh so many more.  The result:  I spent about 5 minutes skimming news headlines and then moved on to the knitting blogs.  And pulled out my knitting – I had to get a mitten ready for road trip knitting.  I have 18 more rounds of plain stockinette that is perfect car knitting.   The point -I didn’t take in any message about how to be better, live better, look better, eat better, anything better.  So my thinking isn’t full of that right now.  Except for being a bit smug about it. <smirk>

And this has also left me time to think about my healthy workday eating plan:

Breakfasts: ½ cup oatmeal cooked in half whole milk, half water.  Butter, brown sugar and cinnamon will get thrown on just before eating.  For some protein – a hard boiled egg.  Lots of healthy whole foods to keep me fueled for the morning.

Lunches:  sigh – I do have some leftovers this week.  But the portions are small – leftover hunan beef (I may supplement with some broccoli), leftover beef lo mien (D and I had Chinese for lunch yesterday), and leftover roast beef.  That’s three lunches.  I see a tuna sandwich or something coming into

Snacks – carrot sticks with peanut butter or olives.

This is so doable.  I feel good about it and and now look forward to my food today:  We are taking a road trip to Jefferson GA to have lunch at the Redd House.  The Redd House is a fish camp in north east GA (more east than north) and on Sundays, they open for a buffet luncheon of Fried everything: chicken, fish, chicken lives, green tomatoes.  There will likely be mac and cheese and either roast beef or ham on the steam table too.  The vegetable steam table will be green beans, collards, some kind of legume, creamed corn, candied sweet potatoes and either dressing, broccoli casserole or squash casserole.   The desserts – usually some kind of cobbler, yellow pound cake with chocolate sauce, strawberry shortcake and brownies.  And maybe some kind of pudding.   This is Sunday eating at it’s best.

Notice how I said Sunday eating?  People get the notion that southerners eat this way every day.  I can tell you that growing up we did not.  In the summer it was too hot for my mother to think about frying anything.  We might get fried okra every other week or so.  Fried eggplant, maybe once a month.  Only in summer.  Fried chicken – a few times a year. Mac and cheese – again, a few times a year.  We typically ate fresh veggies from the garden with baked chicken or a pork chop.  But the meat is barely a memory.  I remember the vegetables.  Summer time – green beans, stewed summer squash, field peas, crowder peas, cole slaw made with a cabbage from our garden, sliced tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers and onions in vinegar, creamed corn, corn on the cob.  The table was filled every day with vegetables.  Not fried meats.

What’s changed?  Buffets like the one at the Redd House, as well as the inferior ones found in just about every town now. These types of foods – either well prepared the way they are at the Redd House, or badly prepared in other buffets – are now abundantly available every single day.  And well, baked chicken versus fried?  That choice is hitting us every day now instead of once a month or so.  Buffets did not exist when I was growing up, nor did the obesity problem.

Back to my food enjoyment today – I’ve decided to go for it.  I’m going to have a chicken thigh, a piece of fish, a few livers, and fried green tomatoes.  And I’m going to eat on the pleasure scale – the best bites first and then leave three bites of everything.  Hubby will clean his plate – and he needs too.  He won’t need to eat the rest of the day.  If I leave three bites of everything, I will likely get hungry.  And since I need to prep carrot sticks later, that’s what I’ll eat should I get hungry.

But it’s nice to be going to the Redd  House without a since of dread.  I can enjoy my food, knowing this is a once a year splurge for me.  I don’t need to leave stuffed and feeling guilty.  I can leave satisfied and with a smile.  And that feels good.


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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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One Response to Simple Pleasures Sunday

  1. Zazamataz says:

    You know how I feel about the LWML program. I can’t know Sarah’s intentions but I really feel that most self help gurus end up being about the money. So many prey (whether that was their original intention or not) on our fears and insecurities. I think you’re right to just turn off those messages. We can spend so much time trying to figure out why we invite those negative messages in that it becomes just another thing to fix.

    I’m impressed with your plan for Sunday Supper. Buffets are hard. I seriously never thought about planning out what I would eat ahead of time – and giving myself permission to have some of those not-everyday-foods. It’s a great plan! Also glad to hear that it worked out well for you and you felt good.

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