Simple Pleasures

I think this may be a new theme for blog entries from time to time – I’m becoming more appreciative of the simple pleasures and want to share…

My new favorite pamper and soothe without chocolate routine: A minty salt bath gel.

One whiff and my spirit lightens!

One whiff and my spirit lightens!

I have decided to give “Donut Whispering” and eating to the pleasure scale another chance. This time – I’m actually doing the logging and making sure I leave bites behind. And I’m also tracking the number of times I practice distracted eating.

What constitutes distracted eating for me?

  • Eating while standing up
  • Eating while doing anything else
  • Picking at food after I’ve decided I no longer need to eat

The results of actively tracking each time I eat distractedly? So far – I am catching myself and stopping. It’s going to be very hard habit to break – especially at work.  But I think a new rule is about to be made about my work habits: no eating at my desk.

And just a little thing I’ve learned – while I suck at belly dancing, it makes me feel very feminine and even pretty.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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One Response to Simple Pleasures

  1. Zazamataz says:

    Your minty salt bath gel sound lovely. I really enjoy a nice hot soak. It is indeed a simple pleasure!

    Not sure distracted eating is such an issue for me – except as you note that continuing to pick at something when I’m done with it. It’s the habitual grazing when I’m not hungry that causes me the most problems. I do like your pleasure scale and wish you luck with it.

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