Unintended Hiatus

And unacknowledged comments! Let’s remedy that now.

Becky – I love the flowers and need to remember to actually see them when I look at my technology – flowers are on the home screen of all my computers (work and home), my phone and my tablet. And I’ve realized that peonies fall into the same category as overblown roses. The are the epitome of feminine.

Snoskred – thanks for the suggestions. I wish I could say I’ve been actively mindful about my thoughts these past few weeks. I haven’t. Something to work on! I seem to like working on things. And if I get better about posting, I can certainly do some shoe blog entries. My husband likens me to Imelda.

And Peach! So glad to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. You know, I’ve found that when I reframe my thoughts so they are less negative, I feel better. And when I feel better – everything seems to tick along more smoothly.

So – DH decided last night that he needs to cook more healthfully to help me manage my weight. Bless him. I’ve been asking for this for the last 5 years. Does this mean less butter or cream to him? Nope. Not at all. It means frying up slices of eggplant and smothering them with a sausage laced Italian gravy and parmesan cheese. He’s cutting my carbs for me! Gotta love him.

That’s it for now.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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4 Responses to Unintended Hiatus

  1. Hey, Maura, Honey, DH is just helping you be glutin free. Did you see/hear about/ know that butter is on the cover of Time magazine? I am your fan, Sarah (in Virginia or AKA SiV)

  2. ProjectME says:

    How are things Maura?

    • Maura says:

      Hey, Becky – I owe you a reply on your blog. It’s been a difficult period for me – I haven’t stepped on the scales, but I FEEL heavy. But I’m learning to love myself anyway. Or at least I’m trying to. 🙂

      How are you?

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