I’ve a bit of Samson in me

I really didn’t learn that much from my media break. I was doing pretty well until I made a decision that made me realize I’ve got way too much of my power wrapped up in external trappings. I’m reminded of the Samson and Delilah from the Old Testament:

Samson’s strength lay in his hair. He confided that secret to Delilah, who betrayed him to his enemies. His hair was cut and he was blinded. And he lost all of his strength.

So, I cut my hair and in doing so, I lost my sexy. I love the ease of the new cut. It really is super easy. And I’m told it’s flattering. And I see it on pretty much every menopausal woman I see. And I feel frumpy.

And when I feel frumpy, what do I do? I act frumpy. I don’t take care of myself. Instead, I abuse myself. Yep – out of control eating.

I had not connected the dots before. The last time I had what I considered a bad hair cut, I gained 30 lbs. This time – hopefully only around 5. The 5 I had probably lost.

So – what to do? Recognize the trigger and choose to react differently. I may not be able to grow my hair out overnight, but I can wear it well, do my face up right and carry myself with confidence. And I can do other things that make me feel sexy and beautiful.

Damn – what are those thing? I really and truly have put all my sexy eggs in one basket! What makes me feel sexy?

Wearing beautiful clothes that fit. Hmmm – I have a few.
Making sure my nails are done -will do that this afternoon
Enjoying scrumptious food without guilt (hello donut whisperer)

There it is again – DANCING.

I can do that.

So – I just needed to tap into my inner being for the key. And that key is moving in a way that turns on the endorphins. Dancing really does help with that – I’m listening and grooving to music I love.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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4 Responses to I’ve a bit of Samson in me

  1. Snoskred says:

    Please to advise me which style of haircut you got? What is it about that haircut that feels unsexy to you? I will like to know more about this. 🙂

    Me personally I always go with a graduated bob, e.g. Posh Spice, or Michelle Dockery.

    For me, I’ve got to be feeling it on the inside no matter what the outside looks like.

    I have a fascinatory hairdresser story, I will blog it when I get a chance. 😉

  2. Maura says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    My cut was Lisa Rinna’s shag hair style. I knew my hair wouldn’t be quite the same – I’ve got a ton of curl in the back that just won’t be tamed. When I initially had my hair cut, I loved it. Thought it was fantastic. Then I had it cut again. Too short. I’m not blaming my hairdresser. He did what I told him to do. I don’t even know how to describe it – tons of layers, with bangs. Shorter in the front and longer in the back. For a while after the 2nd cut, the only way it looked halfway right was to tuck the front sides behind my ears. And it seems that lots of middle aged women in my area seem to like to wear their hair the same way. Along with drawstring linen pants and big shirts. Frumpy.

    So – I’m growing it. But I won’t return to the old style – a long bob with some layering. It looked great and it took a lot of work. My hair now looks OK but doesn’t take any time at all. I’m thinking of something with tons of layers to support the curl and wave, but bring the length down to at least my chin, maybe even a bit longer.

    If it didn’t take so much work to smooth my hair, I’d go back to a bob in a heartbeat. Classy, elegant and sexy – all in one look.

  3. Zazzy says:

    Interesting insight. So you don’t like your hair, you feel frumpy, and stop taking care of the rest of you? I’ve been chewing on this and think I don’t get my hair cut because I feel frumpy. What is it that makes me feel attractive or sexy? Just don’t know anymore. But interesting to think on.

    • Maura says:

      Hey, Zazzy. I’ve been keeping up with your blog – just not making any comments. You’ve got so much on your plate. I hope you’re making time for fun stuff!

      I think I hit on something big when I realized just how much I relied on external factors (including my appearance) dictate my feeling sexy. Sexy truly does come from within – just like beauty, etc. It doesn’t matter how much I spend on make up, clothes or hair – if I don’t believe I’m intrinsically sexy, then I won’t be. Great discovery. Now learning to accept that I’m a sexual being who’s got a lot of ‘sexy’ going on is my next challenge. One I think will be fun to embrace. 🙂

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