Ten Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I’m hungry and looking forward to dinner
  2. I’m being offered a promotion at work -and don’t have the details yet.  That’s a bit crazy making
  3. Feeling better hasn’t quite been motivation to not eat sweets or fried foods this week. But I’ve stuck to my guns.
  4. Feeling a bit apprehensive about the pilates class on Saturday
  5. So ready for it to truly be spring – but the Bradford pears and saucer magnolias are blooming
  6. I feel so sorry for that cat that ‘held the family hostage’
  7. So glad I reactivated Audible – I’ve been listening to Danielle Laporte’s audio companion to The Desire Map.  It helps.
  8. Did I mention I’m hungry?
  9. What is the 40 day declutter thing people are doing for Lent?  I’ve scored a bento like food box and a necklace that were cast-offs.  Thank you.
  10. I should probably do some decluttering myself.

About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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