Ten Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I don’t think I’m going to take Belly Dancing
  2. I really appreciate how hubby and I can come up with euphemisms for having sex – he’s got some doozies
  3. I feel so much better  – I’ve avoided added sugars and fried foods for 4 days now
  4. I’m considering joining a Pilates Studio.  It’s a big investment.
  5. And I totally got stoked by the idea of learning to design my own knitting patterns
  6. I’m sad that Zazzy is thinking of taking a more permanent hiatus
  7. I still need to get pictures of my co-worker’s scarf posted.  It turned out beautifully
  8. I really like my job 
  9. I’ve relearned that I enjoy frozen fruit more than I do ice cream
  10. Core desired feelings for the week: light, content, connection

About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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2 Responses to Ten Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Zazamataz says:

    Good to see you! I don’t know about belly dancing but pilates is fun. Really glad that you enjoy your job these days. Curious about your frozen fruit – are you making them into sorbet or just eating the fruit? I do both. 🙂

    Always glad to see you posting.

  2. ProjectME says:

    I love your list. All of it. Nice!

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