Narrowing down the words

I didn’t spend as much time with pen and paper this past week as I would have liked to – but I did do some thinking and I realized that the words trust and integrity actually fall under the word peace for me.  I can’t feel peace if I’m not acting in a way that builds trust in myself and others.  And I can’t feel peace if I’m not acting with integrity.  It boils down to the cliche: “Walk the Talk”

So, to simplify – I’m definitely selecting PEACE as one of my core desired feelings.

And for this week, I’m trying on some new words:  Sexy, Satisfied and Open.

Sexy – this isn’t just about winding up in bed for a nice romp with DH.  No – it’s so much more. Sexy is attractive, appealing, confident, strong, feminine, full.  All of those words resonate with me.

Satisfied – full, content, grateful, happy

Open – I’m sort of forcing this one on me and it will likely change to something that isn’t forced.  This addresses an immediate need to tear down a wall that I through up in a booze-laden rant this weekend.  I undid in 2 minutes, all the work DH and I had done in the past several weeks to build our openness with one another.  I need to be open so we can get ourselves back on that path.

And that’s it for me with desired feelings – for now.  I love the fluidity of this!

But now – what am I going to do this week to feel the way I want to feel?  Most of the ‘to do’ list will take care of PEACE.


  • take a walk today, do Barre 3 exercises at least 2 times this week. (Strength)
  • Drink water (vibrancy)
  • Assess my clothing – does it make me feel good when I wear it? Get it out of the ‘now’ closet if it doesn’t. (Feminine, attractive)
  • Eat in a way that makes me feel really good and happy (Full)


  • Eat in a way that makes feel really good and happy (yeah, it’s on the list twice – it’s important)
  • Pause at least once a day to count my blessings (grateful)
  • Keep looking for the moments that bring joy (happy)


  • Open the door to make it safe for DH to discuss the rant and it’s impact on him and our marriage

About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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