The Saga of Getting New Glasses

I’ve just returned from my 3rd trip LensCrafters and this time, I’m some $250 lighter. This is after dropping almost $400 on  new glasses in December.   And here’s the story.

The day after Thanksgiving, I sweet talk my husband into going with me to pick out new frames.  My eye doctor appointment is that afternoon and I knew I needed new lenses and I wanted new frames.  I thought I’d get that part taken care of before the appointment.  (this was my first mistake).

So I narrow the selection to 2 frames and the optician held them for me.  I wanted a new look – a frame that was slightly bigger than my current frame and something lighter. I felt I needed to ‘open’ my face some.  (This was mistake #2).

After I get my new prescription, I sat down with the optician and together we chose the frame my husband didn’t like. (This was mistake #4). I didn’t think to ask the optician in the frame was a good selection based on the prescription.  (This was mistake #3).

Fast forward a week – I go to pick up the new glasses and when I tried them on, I felt something wasn’t quite right with the left lens, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I brought the glasses home. (This was mistake #5).  I wore the new glasses for about a week before deciding they needed adjusting.  I mention to the optician that I was getting headaches  and he pretty much dismissed it as new glasses and comparing the lenses to those I had in my Maui Jims (the absolute BEST sunglass lens ever!).  I go with it.  (This was mistake #6).

A week later I go back for more adjustments and this time, I insisted they test the prescription in the lenses and compare it to those in the Maui Jim’s (purchased at the same time and I can wear them for hours with no strain).  Turns out the prescription was wrong.  (Ha! This was their mistake!)

The replacement lenses arrived and I had the exact same reaction: There’s something not quite right with the left lens, but I can see a bit better.  I leave with them.  (This was mistake #7). 

I wore the new glasses for about 6 hours before my headache came back.  That was the last straw.  I took them off and decided I was going to start all over.   This was not a mistake!

So, today I went back to LensCrafters and picked out a new, smaller frame and new much more expensive lenses.  The good folks at LensCrafters assure me that the Varilux lens that costs an arm and a leg will compare favorably to the Maui Jims.  I sure hope so.

So – the biggest mistake I made was to select frames prior to having a prescription in hand and the next biggest mistake was not asking the optician to help with frame and lens selection based on that prescription.

And we’re now starting month 2 in this saga.   Let’s hope it’s worth it.  For now – a sneak peak of the new frames:



And these are the ones that didn’t work out:



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