Intentional Movement: A Month With Barre 3

Several months ago a Bar Method studio opened near me.  I looked it up and was intrigued.  I’ve always felt that yoga and pilates with a brisk walk every now and then are my best ways to intentionally move.  The Bar Method promised a combination of ballet stretches, yoga and pilates.   Done in a way to raise the heart rate.    Unfortunately, the pricing and schedule made going there out of the question.

Then one of my favorite food bloggers who has an incredible body (how can you be a foodie and have an incredible body) mentioned she was loving Barre 3 workouts.  I did a quick Google search and discovered they had online classes with a reasonable monthly plan.  This was a few months ago.

Fast forward to the new work hours kicking in and my pulling out the credit card and clicking Subscribe last Friday.

Oh – too sweet – they have 10 minute, 30 minute and beyond workouts.

For the next month, I’ll do weekly updates on my time spent intentionally moving with Barre3.

So far, I’ve done 4 10-minute workouts and well, I think they work.  The movements, as promised are all but no-impact in terms of stress on the joints.  However, they are high-impact in terms of being sore muscle producers.

Saturday: No Props, Legs, Arms, Core + Stretch.
The workout gets right to it – through a few yoga poses, lots of repeats of very focused small movement squats, balance work and some core work.  The 10 minutes flew by.   And  gloriously, I felt I’d worked out just a few hours later.  I love that slightly sore, I’ve been worked in a good way, muscle pain.    I did notice, I need to be very careful on form and to take care of my knees.

Sunday: skip

Monday:  No Props, Legs, Arms, Core + Stretch
I loved being able to do this before going to work.  Added bennies: I felt myself standing taller and being stronger in my decisions to intentionally eat healthfully.  Yeah, exercise does that for me.

Tuesday: No Props, Legs and Core
Don’t be fooled by the title of this one.  I felt some work in my arms too.  This one was really intense and I felt the results all day long.

Wednesday: Standing Energy Blast: Arms, Legs, Core, + Stretch
Never again will I look down my nose at chair based exercises.  Sitting is a fantastic way to make sure the hips stay forward when doing twists.  And when the hips stay forward the twists can be smaller and much more effective.  Again, lots of small, focused squat type of work.  I’ll definitely repeat this one.

Thursday: Intentional skip

Friday: unintentional skip – we had unexpected company

Saturday: No Props, Legs, Arms, Core + Stretch.
I really do like this workout.

So, after a week, I do feel a little better. Standing taller and moving with grace. I like it.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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2 Responses to Intentional Movement: A Month With Barre 3

  1. Zazamataz says:

    Excellent progress and an interesting workout. I used to do a ballet workout and I think there are a lot of benefits from it – as you said, posture and core strength. A lot of people don’t seem to think that they’re work. Crazy people. Good job keeping with your goals and being flexible.

  2. Maura says:

    Oh wow – I took a beginner’s ballet class several years ago and I was so sore after that I could barely move. Yeah – dancer’s work hard. I plan to post weekly updates on the workouts. This week, I’ll add at least one longer session. And if, after a month, I find this to be a doable workout, I’ll splurge for a year’s subscription.

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