Day 27: Eat Something Decadent #lmwlchallenge

My heart has definitely left this challenge.  Part of it is due to some general pissyness (is that a word?  If not, it should be!) and the greater part is disillusionment.   Everyone is out to make a buck anyway they can.  And it seems that making a buck off of people who are struggling with weight and body image is the easiest way to do so.  The #lmwlchallenge was just a teaser to try to get as many people as possible to commit to parting with a huge chunk of change with the promise of ‘if you do my program, you’ll be happier and healthier.’

Um, been there. done that.  And never again.  Oh, I may buy a book on the topic from time to time, but I’ve noticed over the years I’ve become much more discerning about the books too.  The bottom line is this:  if you want to lose weight know the following things:

  1. You have to eat less and eat more healthfully
  2. You  need to change your mindset about what is a healthy lifestyle
  3. You need to fake it until you make it
  4. You need to understand that reaching goal or even getting close to it, does not automatically guarantee a happier vibrant life.

Right now, point #3 – You need to fake it until you make it, is really resonating with me.  My mind is not in a healthy place these days.  I am throwing up all kinds of roadblocks and excuses to rationalize my choice to eat unhealthfully or to not go for a walk despite the beautiful morning.  I know these roadblocks and excuses are just that and I’m wallowing in it.

I think a good point I’ve heard over the years is to fake it until you make it.  So, I know what healthy choices are.  My mind is rather rebelling against them right now.  So I need to fake it until I get the mindset back in a healthy place.  I can still take that walk despite not wanting too.  I can still stop eating despite wanting that last bite that I don’t need.  And I can make the time to take care of myself.

And that last sentence is the most critical part of this.  I, no one else, can take care of me and I have to make the time to do that.  Where am I going to carve out the time?  Um – internet usage comes to mind!

I am completely rambling.   I think my greater point is that the #lmwlchallenge served as a reminder that I feel better when I take care of myself and that I deserve to have fun now.  Not later.

And a few of us have discussed creating our own challenges.  I’ve just named my next challenge: Fake it until you make it.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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5 Responses to Day 27: Eat Something Decadent #lmwlchallenge

  1. Snoskred says:

    Your bottom line is exactly spot on – found you via Zazzy – reading your blog now too. 😉

  2. Lorna I says:

    i know i found this a year late..but i love your blog Maura..keep writing and you are spot on ..and funny too.! The thought of paying $1500 to be to to be happy and go shopping made me laugh too. Uhm , SJ started bullying me when i emailed her with doubts and questions about her program. That turned me off immediately..Its all about making a buck !!!!

    • Maura says:

      Hi, Lorna – welcome! Thanks for the compliments on my writing. You did more with SJ than I did. I never engaged directly with her. And while I completely bristle at idea of paying someone such an obscene amount of money to tell me I need to get a life, I do see the value of being reminded to take care of myself from time to time. I forget to do that a lot.

      I think the ‘bullying’ that some of the ‘life coaches’ are doing is ludicrous. I think they think they’re challenging us to remove ‘self-imposed’ road blocks. However, who gets to say what is a self-imposed road block vs just being real? SJ doesn’t get to make that decision for me. Only I can.

      Anyway – I’m glad you found my blog and hope you continue to enjoy it and leave comments.

  3. Lorna I says:

    Thanks for your encouragement..this is what makes it real ..REALITY ..seems like you live in the real world unlike “experts” like Sarah Jenks and her minions, or is their life just an illusion ? I am getting more out of reading your blog than paying someone so that they can have a wonderful life on my bucks. Then she tells me that i can “make it happen” but only if i pay !!! have a great Thanksgiving !!

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