Day 25: Do your hair

I’ll think about it.  Right now, it’s drying by itself.  I prefer to minimize the amount of heat I put on my hair so, it can dry by itself and then I’ll pop it up on hot rollers.  That reduces the amount of time, too.

So, I get an email from Sarah Jenks in the night.  Today is ‘now or never’ day to sign up for her class.  She’s not offering it again until sometime in 2015, I think the email said.  OK – bully for her.

I sort of get what she says – there will always be something in the way.  Before I decided to do Optifast, I put up every single roadblock I could: 1) I can’t afford it 2) my doctor won’t approve, 3) my therapist will think it’s not a good idea and 4) I can’t fit it in with my work schedule.  I make the appointment to go their program introduction. But before I attended that introduction, I made an appointment with the doc – she as all for it.  And I spoke to my therapist,  and while she had a few concerns, she felt I could handle it.  So two roadblocks removed.  I went to the introduction meeting and the facility had a payment plan and explained how some of my daily costs would go down.  The third roadblock was gone.  And lastly, they had an evening session that as long as I practiced discipline with my time at work, I could make.  The 4th roadblock was gone.  The only roadblock left was myself.

I chose to participate and I did lose the weight.  And I kept it off until all kinds of roadblocks started cropping up again.   And I think perhaps the biggest thing I got out of Sarah’s program was that I have to find a way to remove the roadblocks again.

What are those roadblocks?

1) Mindset:

  • I absolutely refuse to go on another diet, yet I need to lose weight and boy howdy, I can be right cruel to myself in thinking and in action
  • I have difficulties with conflict and right now there is a conflict with my husband about how my time is spent.  

Hmmm, I had to edit quite a bit and in the process I’ve decided I have one roadblock: mindset.  I’ll explore that a bit more in future posts.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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One Response to Day 25: Do your hair

  1. Zazzy says:

    We are our own worst enemies. My greatest frustration is that I know what I have to do and I choose not to do it. The things that I’ve gotten from this month are reminders of why certain things worked and that it’s okay to take care of me.

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