#Day 24: Book a massage

I’m still thinking about his.  I have a 50% off coupon for Natural Body.  It’s use is restricted and does not include massages, but it does include facials.  That’s some serious pampering! 

Yesterday’s challenge – stand up straight. I have no idea if I did or if I didn’t.  Work is crazy stressful right now.

And boy I had some crazy stress eating too.  My eating was automatic and reactionary.  

And there’s an interesting article on LinkedIn by Dr. David L Katz – Weight is Not a Choice.  I’m not linking it because I don’t want this site connected to LinkedIn in any way – but it comes up 1st or 2nd in Google Search.   The point is sometimes we can do all the right things and the weight doesn’t budge.  But because we’re choosing healthier behaviors, our bodies are healthier and that’s a plus.  The article is a plug for his upcoming book (seems like everything on the internet is a hidden ad), but I’ve been reading him on LinkedIn over the past few months and once I get beyond his ego, I like what he has to say.  He’s definitely a straight shooter when it comes to the obesity epidemic.

And on a final note, one our cats is acting out in a serious maddening way.  He’s choosing incredibly inconvenient places to poop.  He’s old and he’s dying.  The boy has had a incredibly peaceful life after a very rude beginning (being hit by a car as a kitten.)  My husband fostered him through the recovery as a kitten, doing painful physical therapy work, etc.  The kitty was adopted out, but the adoptive mom changed her mind at the last minute and poor G’bert was back in a cage in PetSmart trying to get adopted.  Thankfully, he was only without a home for a few days – DH happened in that PetSmart, saw G’bert there and went ballistic – and he pulled out his checkbook and paid the adoption fees.  And G’bert has been a special member of the household ever since.

The point is, we choose minimal medical care for our babies to reduce their stress.  We thought at first the pooping was to get our attention – to let us know that he’s beginning to fail: he pooped right in front of us Monday morning.  He had our attention.  But this morning, I get up and find he’s pooped in my office – in an incredibly difficult place to clean. That’s the 3rd time he’s pooped in an incredibly difficult place to clean.  This almost seems more like he’s acting out than just dying.

So another stress to breathe through.




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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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2 Responses to #Day 24: Book a massage

  1. Zazzy says:

    Sounds like an interesting article – I found it on Huff Post, too, and I’m just skimming so far but he’s said within the first two paragraphs something I’ve said for year, based only on my experience. That two people can eat the same, get roughly the same exercise and one will get fat and one won’t. It doesn’t change the work we have to do to change our weight, but maybe it takes away some of the guilt.

    So sorry to hear about G’bert. The only cat I’ve had who pooped outside of the box would poop on Dad’s side of the bed when he did something to annoy her. It’s so hard to try and guess what’s wrong when our furry babies have problems. I wish you and him the best.

    • Maura says:

      G’bert (real name is Gilbert) was bestests buddies with our beloved Noaa, who died New Year’s night this year. Noaa was 16 and showed how to die with dignity as much as possible. He went blind the summer before he died – we watched him seem to count steps to be where he wanted to be. We are fairly certain that while in reality, he died of old age, his systems were beginning to fail, including his digestive system. He started pooping in our dining room, mainly. Fortunately, we don’t really use our dining room and we have hard wood floors in there. We put up an extra litter box in the dining room. And that helped – some. At least, though, the poop was easier (though vastly unpleasant) to clean.

      There’s part of me that wonders if Gilbert has is ‘channeling’ Noaa, but not quite getting it right? Pooping on the carpet was not Noaa’s thing. It’s like he knew better. To me, this does feel like Gilbert is a bit angry with us. We just haven’t figured out why.

      So, we just keep on loving him. Watch for signs of distress that do mean a trip to the vet and if he poops, clean up the poop. I just wish poop duty wasn’t MY duty. But it is.


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