Day 22: Plan a date for this weekend #lmwlchallenge

Hubby and I have ‘date nights’ almost every Saturday night.  And truth be told, they’ve become quite stale.  There are a good number of reasons  – he’s a better cook than most of the chefs in the gourmet restaurants around here so we don’t go out to eat, he hates going to the movies, etc.  We generally have a nice dinner and sit around talking.  And sometimes falling asleep in our chairs. Yep – boring.

Two weeks ago when I cooked dinner, it did change up our routine some and it showed.  Perhaps I should come up with another fairly simple dish and let him teach me how to cook it his way.  I can prepare it just fine my way, but his way always is just a tiny bit better.

I’ll post more about that later.

I posted a long comment on Zazzy”s blog that basically talked about how underwhelmed I am with this week’s challenges.

Day #21: Wear a dress.  OK – this worked, but only because I worked from home yesterday.  For it to have worked any other way would have involved shopping and that was to going to happen.  

Day #22: Plan a date.  See above.

Day #23: Stand up straight. OK – this is big.  I’m adding sit up straight too.

Day #24: Book a massage.  Um, where does this woman think money comes from? Thin air?  Massages from reputable spas are quite expensive.  Would I like to get one – absolutely.  Am I going to indulge?  No.  But – perhaps this can be part of date night?   I do know there are significant health benefits from a good massage, I just don’t know if I’m willing to spend a ton of money on it.

Day #25: Do your hair.  Um, I almost always do my hair.  And yes, I do feel a bit better when it looks nice.  But I’m vain about my hair and I try to make sure it always looks nice.

Day #26:  Flirt with a stranger.  I like Zazzy’s idea of just talking to a stranger.  That would pretty big for me.  I can be painfully shy at times.

Day #27: Eat cake.  Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on if I’m anywhere that has splurge worthy cake.  

Day #28: Give someone a gift.  I like this.

As the challenge draws to an end, I’m glad I did this.  Lots of little reminders to take care of myself and get out of my shell sometimes.  This weekend, I’ll do some thinking about the next 28 days and what kind of personal challenges I can give myself to keep the momentum of self-care going.  Meditation is definitely on the list.


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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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4 Responses to Day 22: Plan a date for this weekend #lmwlchallenge

  1. Zazzy says:

    “Um, where does this woman think money comes from? Thin air?”

    You really need to read her blog – where she recommends you hire a personal assistant. Hey! Sounds great to me! Think how much more we would get done. 🙂

    I love the idea of cooking with your hubby for date night. Cooking together was a fun family activity years ago and I miss that. I had some eggroll parties when I was younger where everyone was involved with chopping vegetables and rolling up the eggrolls. It was fun and messy and more special than just passing around a tray. What about fondue or those thin meats on skewers that you cook yourself over a hot…… fondue like setup?

    Drop by the house down here and I’ll give you some cake. I’m thinking sweet potato pound cake.

    • Maura says:

      I’d absolutely LOVE to have a personal assistant, which is funny because I was an executive assistant in my last job. Last night, I didn’t get home until almost 7 pm – and was too tired to eat. And because it was so late, I didn’t get to the store to get the broccoli that was supposed to go with the dinner simmering in the crockpot. Everything went into the ‘fridge and we’ll have last night’s dinner tonight. Had I a personal assistant, then the broccoli would have been not just bought, but prepped and my laundry down and bills paid. But I don’t – so my to do list continues to grow. As as my DH often says “that’s the reality of the situation, baby” (in his best Austin Powers voice).

      I think what Sarah is trying to accomplish, is for us to feel deserving of taking time for ourselves and perhaps devoting part of the our budgets for activities that make us feel great. That is a valid goal – within each person’s reality. Sometimes we need to change our reality and in fact, my DH and I are doing just that with a rather huge financial transaction that will make our everyday lives much easier. it was a hard decision to give up our place in the mountains, but we know it’s the best decision. And once it’s sold (we’ve only just made the decision and it is not listed yet), we will have some breathing space financially that will spill over into all aspects of our lives, even if we don’t spend a cent of the budget we have for our mountain home.

      But you know, we had pretty much made that decision before I even heard of Sarah Jenks. So, Zazzy, you’re right – there’s nothing new under the sun. Just new ways of presenting the ideas.

      Sweet potato pound cake? YUM!

      • Zazzy says:

        Oh, I so agree with you. Taking time for ourselves and fitting some splurges for ourselves in our budget is important. I hadn’t realized how much I had gone the opposite direction the past few years. I buy the occasional special thing – witness my new All Clad pan! – but they are pretty much always practical things. A pedicure is less practical and I tend to knock it out of the budget automatically. And clothing that I don’t absolutely need. Another goal is to fit some of those things back into my budget.

  2. Lorna I says:

    your correct ladies..Sarah Jenks premise is nice ..but her reality and most of our realities are way far apart. I almost wet my pants when I read how much “help” she has at age 30 ..I guess she can afford personal assistance, laundry service , stylists, housekeepers, nannies, food delivery , hair stylists, vacations in Paris because she charges crazy amount of $$$$ to tell us to be happy . Her ideas are fine when they are free but to pay a 30 year old $$$$$ to tell me how to live is laughable . She has no idea how the rest of us live . And i quote her “awesome awesome “. Off i go to do some laundry , which i actually like to do myself !!

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