Day 13: Take a bath

Um, I’d love to, but not in any of the tubs in our house!  They’re too small and uncomfortable.  I took a nice long shower instead.  And yesterday, I took myself to get a pedicure and splurged and got a manicure as well.

Day 12  – that was yesterday – was to cook a meal.  I did, with my husband’s help.  And it was yummy: lemon ricotta raviolis in a creamy lemon sage sauce along with a nice salad, some bread and bottle of pinot noir.   We had a wonderful date.  I think he really appreciated my cooking dinner for him – it’s the first time he’s been a member of the clean plate club in a long while.

We have recently been feeling all of life’s pressures: his being out of work, our finances beginning to look quite scary,  my continued work for the same company that eliminated his position and my new job within that company and finally, a good stress – his landing a new job.  My aging parents.  Oh – and my being in peri-menopause and his being in the male equivalent.  You know – life.

I guess all in all, we’ve handled this period fairly well.  A few nights with too much wine, a few days with too much food – but we’re still here and we’re still together.

One thing I’ve noticed since starting the #lmwlchallenge and taking a bit better care of myself – I’m seeing that just the simple act of having my nails done, or buying myself flowers can make a tremendous impact on how I act with my husband.  And last night, cooking dinner for us under his tutelage really brought us closer.  We actually had a good date night – the first one in a long long time.

I didn’t realize the impact of my no longer taking care of myself as well as I had before  – my self-confidence was shot.  And interestingly, my libido (now in the realm of TMI) seems to be tied to my self-confidence.  Perhaps my self-confidence is too wrapped up in feeling pretty, but for now – I’ll take what I can get.  A little color on my face and toes doesn’t take all that much effort.  And the payback is so well worth it.




We have held up OK, but not without some costs and pains in our 




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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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3 Responses to Day 13: Take a bath

  1. ProjectME says:

    So glad to read many things in this post. First – congrats to D on the new job. I really, really like your newfound sense of taking care of your beautiful self. Your words make me think. Keep up the good stuff Maura.

    • Maura says:

      Thanks! We truly had a great weekend – the first in a long time. And having a less stressful date with my husband is so well worth the effort to take care of myself – kind of a double payback.

  2. Lorna I says:

    i hate baths and i have a huge jacuzzi in my bathroom . Also, i look like a clown or a hooker if i wore red lipstick ..I am having a blast reading your blog !!! SJ makes me laugh not doing much for the weight loss department but laughing every day !!!

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