Day ??? I don’t even remember anymore!

And that is OK.  I’m all caught up on the challenges.  Just not taking picture and posting on Instagram, and that’s OK too.

Red lipstick day was OK.  I so rarely remember to actually put on lipstick and if nothing else, the act putting on the lipstick made me feel pretty.   I just need to find a better shade!   Back when I was in high school, Revlon made a color – Wine With Everything.  That color was pretty.  I wonder if it still exists.

Video #3.  Um. OK.  A day in the life of Sarah Jenks.   I wasn’t overly impressed and unless I win a scholarship to her program won’t be looking into buying a slot.  But there were some good points – want to change yourself? change your environment type stuff.  And I was motivated to get up and start working on cleaning out my office closet which had become a huge source of stress for me.  It is where I keep my knitting stuff and it was so cluttered that I couldn’t tell what was what.  I made some progress but have some more work to do.

Today’s challenge:  Cook dinner for yourself.   Um, I cook and I cook well.  But Hubby is the main cook and he cooks MUCH better.  However, I’m gonna cook.  We’re going to buy some incredible fresh ravioli’s (lemon ricotta) and I’m making a sage butter sauce to go with.  We’ll have a beautiful salad with apples and walnuts, some yummy french bread and wine.  Yeah – I think it will be good.

The weather has changed here.  It’s lovely and cool.  I actually wore the shawl I finished up recently.  Image


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an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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