Confused on Which Day It is…

… and that’s OK.

Yesterday’s challenge was to eat only when hungry.  Um.  It was a total bust.  So, today is a do-over.  And I will also do today’s challenge: tell my body I love her.  I started this morning as I put lotion on.  I actually moisturized my belly.  I never do that –  face, neck (sometimes), arms & legs.  That’s it for me.  Not this morning – I took my time and acknowledge my body and all the wonderful things she does for me:

  1. Houses my soul
  2. Helps me feel alive
  3. Moves me from one place to another
  4. Is with me all the time
  5. Has endured much abuse

Yep, I have a great body and I’m learning to love her – by loving her.

And one of the best ways to love my body is to nurture her.  How to best nurture my body?

  1. Keep up with the moisturizing and appreciating
  2. Allow her to be hungry
  3. Allow her to be satisfied
  4. Give her wonderful nutrition
  5. Give her a way to diffuse the stress

There’s a great blog entry over at Green Mountain – Self-Care through a Bucket List.  It talks about 1) being real with our bucket lists and 2) establishing self-care with them.

Many of us will be introspective today.  I wish for us to all have peace as we remember the events of 12 years ago.



About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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