Day 6: Watch the 2nd video in the Live More Weigh Less video series

Hmmm.  This one was OK.  Unfortunately, it seemed more of a teaser to get you to enroll in the outrageously expensive coaching series than a video to teach.  However, it did have two assignments that I think are valid.  

  1. Make a list of all the things you’ll be or do after you lose weight.  
  2. Start doing them!

My list:

  1. Smile More
  2. Feel Sexy
  3. Wear kick-ass clothes again
  4. Be energetic
  5. Be confident

After only 5 items, I started drawing blank.  And I started being judgemental.  Then I stopped.  It’s OK – these 5 things are what resonated with me NOW.  So these 5 things are what I’m going to DO now.  Can you see me smiling?  That’s #1 on the list.  🙂

So – my plan:

Every day seek out something that makes me genuinely happy and experience it.
Every day, dance to some really good music.  There’s something about funk and dancing to it that makes me feel sexy.  
Every day, stand taller (confidence)
Every day, move with energy (i.e., moving a little faster than my usual ambling pace – to create energy)

The clothes – hmm.  I think I need to plan this a bit.   I don’t have that much of a clothing budget so I want to spend wisely.  Make sure I’ve got my idea  of kick-ass fully defined.  

And, I’m stopping with FB.  I love the idea of living more and weighing less as a result.  I don’t think worrying about what I’m going to post on FB, Instagram, Twitter or this blog is living in the moment.  How can I be in the moment, if I’m thinking about how I’m going to capture the moment in social media?

I’m keeping Instagram for now – its fun.  And I’m keeping the blog for now – it’s a great outlet for me when I need it.  And twitter – well, updates are only from this blog so its pretty much a no brainer.  

So – now – I’m off to find a little piece of happy.








About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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2 Responses to Day 6: Watch the 2nd video in the Live More Weigh Less video series

  1. ProjectME says:

    I’m so glad you’re blogging again Maura. I always enjoy reading what you write. Keep up the good work!

    ps I started my own blog and I want to share that with you. You can find me on WordPress –

    • Maura says:

      @ProjectMe – Becky! So good to see you. It’s always good to know someone is ‘listening.’ Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the link to your blog – I’ll go visit this weekend to catch up with you.

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