Live More Weigh Less Challenge – Week 1 Recap

Day 1: Buy yourself flowers.  I did and I enjoyed them all week at work.
Day 2: Drink a green smoothie.   I did and LOVED it.  Can’t wait to start making my own.
Day 3: Watch the first video in the Live More Weigh Less Video roadmap
Day 4: Eat without distraction.  Um – I tried.  I really did.
Day 5: Take a hike.  Went for a walk around our place in the mountains instead – took some great pics of wildflowers.Image
Day 6:  Watch a sunset.  I cheated and watched the sun rise instead.





About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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9 Responses to Live More Weigh Less Challenge – Week 1 Recap

  1. Lorna Isabelle Gray says:

    Hi your posts..this one really caught my eye..I too jumped on the Live More Weigh Less challenge..I found it silly . I know that I can buy myself flowers and have a nice meal with my friends. Taking pictures of myself and going for a hike are all fun but will any of this help me lose weight ? I think not !! I see it is not working for Sarah Jenks either. She no longer blogs about weight loss since her “program ” hasn’t worked for her either . The free challenge maybe fun , but I resent that the paid program that she is trying to lure us into is $1500 . If she can’t lose weight than why is she charging people to ” love their bodies” if they are expecting a weight loss ?

    • Maura says:

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Yes, Sarah’s put on some weight – I believe it’s baby weight that is either not being addressed or is being stubborn. That said, I think she’s pretty much charging $1500 to tell us that we need go ‘get a life.’ And I really kind of resent that.

      I’m older (quickly approaching 53) and yes, I understand how easy it is to become entrenched in the day to day and not take the time to take care of yourself or have fun, I also understand that if I have to post all the things I do to social media, I won’t have time to be taking care of myself or having fun. I’ll be spending all my time observing instead of doing.

      I post here from time to time. Sometimes I post about my weight loss plans (never actions – always plans) and sometimes I post about what makes me smile or gets my attention and I love having comments left here. I just don’t know why I need to splash my life all over Facebook or Instagram. And a 30 something isn’t going to convince me.

  2. Lorna I says:

    Yes Maura I totally agree with you ..on all counts. She seems a bit narcissistic. She thrives on all the praise she gets on her blog and facebook page. Unfortunately there are a lot of “experts” like Sarah Jenks on the internet that make unrealistic claims by luring vulnerable woman into their programs by showing them their “awesome” lives with glossy websites, you tubes , beautiful pictures ( ridiculous boudoir pictures included ) and stories of amazing adventures , with nanny’s, stylists, hair and makeup people, housekeepers, etc etc. She claims and is proud of the fact that she hires people to run her errands , has food delivered has her laundry picked up and delivered . If at age 30 she needs so much “help” then how in the world can she be giving advice to woman who have real lives with work and family responsibilities, that comb their own hair and dress themselves. Rather than paying her $1500 so that she can live like a princess and tell you to “get a life” use the money and do something for yourself. Paying her is counterproductive. If this truly is her life than it is obvious she is scamming vulnerable woman with her expensive programs so she can live like this .

    • Maura says:

      Oooh – I’m thinking of a challenge of our own! How about the 45 day “I don’t need fixing” challenge? The goal would be to go 45 days without visiting any of the “self-help” sites and magazines. No diet sites. No beauty sites. Hell, even no fashionista sites (I love the Already Pretty blog). No sites that have hooks to make us feel we need fixing so the site owner can hawk “the solution” And for me – no Lifehacker. What a time suck!

      • Suz says: will the “experts” make ends meet if we don’t pay them to tell us the obvious? Will they have enough cash flow to pay someone to pick up their laundry ? I find this so comical that people actually pay Sarah Jenks so that she can tell them to go on vacation. While she goes to Paris using the money we paid her the rest of us stay home and envy!! Should have spent the money on a vacation of my own!! Yup, I got sucked into Live More Weigh Less!

      • Maura says:

        Hi, Suz – thanks for the comment. You know – I actually like Sarah’s premise – Live More, Weigh Less. Though the weigh less part is not exactly axiomatic. I fall into the category of women who have trapped themselves into thinking like will be better when I lose weight. Well, I’ve lost weight and while some aspects of my life were better, others were not, and other issues arose. The message to live now, not save it up for when you lose weight is valid. I just don’t need to spend $1500 to have someone tell me how to live.

        But I did turn off all the self-help news feeds this morning. I don’t need to invite the messages that I’m broken.

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  4. Lorna says:

    Hi Maura..Recevied an email from Sarah Jenks today..looks like her program is NOT working for her so she is no longer going to preaching LIVE MORE WEIGH LESS. I hope she plans on retruning mony to the ladies who subscibed to her nonssensical program . So here it is : As we’ve all discussed and now confirmed by her. From an email she just sent :

    “In two weeks I’m launching the new and you may notice a slightly different spin on things. My goal is not to help you lose weight, but to help you feel free. I want to teach you how to take amazing care of your body and soul so you can create your ideal body for your current life phase, constitution and season. I want you to experience what it’s like to be in a body that may be curvier or softer but feels luscious and gorgeous.”

    This is so hilarious. She can’t brand herself on helping people lose weight and call your program Live More WEIGH LESS, but then decide “Oh, NO ..not working! . Uhm , It’s actually hard to lose weight ..Dancing around with red lipstick and wearing high heels isn’t working. So Instead I ‘ll just help people feel FREE instead of THIN.”

    I don’t see a problem with helping people feel comfortable about their weight , but to shift gears so dramatically because you cannot be successful with your own program with weight loss causes me to lose all credibility in her..well I am not sure i ever believed she was credible..and here is the proof !!

  5. Lorna says:

    Sorry about all the spelling mistakes..I wrote the previous comment on my phone ..shouldn’t do that..too difficult to see mistakes

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