Still moving intentionally

As our world seems to be crumbling around us – DH still has not found employment and the severance runs out at the end of July – I’m still taking care of myself first.  And most days I’m feeling so much better.

I did average 4x per week for the month of June.  I have, however, adjusted my schedule.  I’m working out in the afternoons. Something blipped in my schedule one day and I worked out in the afternoon instead of the morning.  That work out was SO much better than any of my morning workouts.  I enjoyed it more and I feel I put more into it.  So, switch it up.  I’m very grateful work is allowing me to explore my schedule this way.

And I as I knew, once I started taking care of my body in a physical sense (moving it), I’ve started wanting to be more consistent with feeding myself well.

There are couple of positive results – I’m feeling more and more like myself.  My waist is coming back and I’m feeling a bit sexier.  And my clothes are fitting better.

DH and I are feeling very sad, very vulnerable and quite scared. I’m trying as much as possible to stay positive.  We both can’t be sad and scared and desperate at the same time.

I do think, unless he lands quickly, the quality of our lives is about to change in a way that neither of imagined 3 years ago when we bought our haven in North Georgia.  We’ve both been poor before.  And we are strong – we can be poor again.  

And I read something recently  – This is a first world problem.   And that is so true.  We will have a roof over our heads and we will have some sort of food on our table.  There are so many out there who don’t have that assurance.


About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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