Thinking about

… attachment to habits.

I’ve been all over the board today, but for the most part, my spare time has been spent surfing the ‘net.  It’s something of a habit for me.  Not sure if it’s a compulsion, but definitely a habit – and I indulge just about every time I have “nothing else” to do.  But of course I do always have something else to do.

Another habit I have is making sure I eat all that is on my plate, even if it means I eat beyond my comfort level.  It’s more uncomfortable for me to leave the food.

I’ve been looking at my habits this week and thinking about what I get out of them.  Most of the time, the ‘reward’ is not having to sit through whatever feeling I might be feeling at the time.  And I’m quite attached to that reward.

It’s the attachment that I really think I need to address.  How to weaken it and if possible break it.  When I think about how much I will gain if I start to break these attachments, I start to feel hope – and for once, not guilt.

And for the record, I have an unhealthy attachment to living in a stressed state.  I actually think this may be the most important attachment for me to break.




About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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