Easing into routines

One of the reasons I chose ease as my word for the year is that I want to feel at ease in my body.  I know that consistently practicing intentional movement helps me feel better  – like I have more umph.

So I’m easing myself into a schedule. January was a think about and start month.  Last week and this week, I’ve worked out once.  That’s all that my easing into it plan requires.

To work up to a consistent, easy habit of moving intentionally 4x per week, I set the following schedule:

  • February – 2x per week
  • March – 3x per week
  • April – 4x per week
  • May  – 4-5x per week
  • June and beyond – 4-5x per week

This feels doable.  

On a side note – I bought a Smash Book and it’s great fun!  Memory keeping and journaling for the scattered.  I love it.




About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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5 Responses to Easing into routines

  1. Kara says:

    I completely agree with your approach to start out slow. Starting a schedule that is too ambitious just sets us up for failure. The only thing I would add is that if you need more time to ease into your schedule – take it. You’ll know when you are ready to do more!

  2. Maura says:

    Thanks. My past all-or-nothing approaches have ended up being pretty much ‘nothing’ so I decided to take things much more slowly this time. For me, it is more motivating to know I am giving myself time to make the adjustments.

    • Maura says:

      Hey there! It’s been a while. Hope you’re doing well.

      A Smash book, from what I can tell is simply scrapbooking for the less organized person. They remind me, somewhat, of the Griffin and Sabine books of the mid-90’s. I love the idea of it, but am finding that any type of scrap booking is just not in my reality right now. And that’s fine.

      You can learn more about Smash Books here:

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