Still here

Just bought the newest edition of Intuitive Eating and I sure wish I’d bought this books YEARS ago.  

I plan to work through this book slowly.  I have some barriers – dear husband believes I should ignore my hunger until meal times, etc.  Trying to get him to see things differently has been quite difficult in the past and I’m not up for that challenge right now.  So – I’ll work this my way and loop him in as necessary.

One thing I know already – respecting fullness is hard for me.  I’m such a member of the clean plate club that it is incredibly difficult for me to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry if there is still food on the plate.  

So for now – I’m concentrating on 2 things when I eat: 1) Will eating now honor my body’s needs? 2) Will continuing to eat honor my body’s needs?

That’s it.

Life goes on.  Work is stressful and the new job is not all I had hoped it would be.  I had hoped for additional  flexibility – other than not punching a clock, it seems I have less.  And my new boss is a bit of a control freak.  That doesn’t make us a good match.



About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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