DVD Review: Beginners Dynamic Yoga for Stress Release & Weight Loss

So,  I’m easing myself back to practicing intentional movement most days each week.  And I feel like I should include at least one day of yoga practice for flexibility and overall balanced health.  The DVDs I have are a bit awkward for me to do right now because of my size so I thought I’d try one designed for larger people.  I found Beginner’s Dynamic Yoga for Stress Release & Weight Loss on Amazon’s Instant Video and decided to give it a try.

Some of the reviews said the instructor was a bit cheesy so I was prepared.  I’ve read similar reviews about Leslie Sansone, and I can deal with her, but not so much this instructor.  She’s even more chipper than Leslie!

Ok – annoying instruction aside, I found the program to be a bit too basic for me.  It may be very good for people who haven’t moved in years and need a gentle introduction. This program will definitely help with that.  But I didn’t really find it challenging or relaxing.

The one good thing I can take away from the program though, is a very effective modification to the Downward Facing Dog Pose, which I have extreme difficulties with.  The modification is to use a chair seat as the floor.  I felt fantastic stretching in my back, arms, legs without the uncomfortable pressure on my wrists that I always feel when trying to do the pose without modification.

My bottom line on this video:  It’s not for me and even though I have 7 more days to use it, I don’t think I will.




About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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