Meet Splat the Baby Squirrel

Image Poor Splat.  This little baby squirrel was trying so hard to be independent before his time!  And he fell out of a tree at least 3 times before he found a place warm and safe enough to substitute for his nest.

After he woke up and decided to try to find his real nest, he went back to the same tree and fell out again.  It was really rather amazing.  We’d hear this tremendous thud and there he was on our deck looking quite dazed and confused.  I was sure he was hurt. But no – he scrambled back to the tree.  And then came Mama.  Mama Squirrel was none too please with Splat but I think she must have been happy (do squirrels know ‘happy’?) to see her baby because she coaxed him back up to a place on the tree where she could get a good mouth hold on him and then carried him back to his nest.   The fur-mom in me was glad to see that.

And I was reminded – we all need to venture out beyond our comfort zones and just as importantly, we need our safe places for when life gets a bit tough and scary.  Not to escape, but as a place to go and rest and recenter our selves.  To find our strength to get back out there and keep going.



About Maura

an erstwhile former weight management blogger writing about life without diet should's and should not's filter.
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