A Rare Monday Post

Some of you have been curious about the UP24 band.  I’ll be very honest – I have no idea how accurate it may be.  What it may or may not lack in accuracy is completely overshadowed by it’s motivation factor.  I’m now aiming toward 6K steps per day.  When I started, getting about 3K was pretty hard.

Here are a couple of graphs that I’ve found motivating – from today (so far):

10 is good, 3 is not.  I'd have pushed 10, had it not been for 1 slice of bologna along with the sodium of canned soup

10 is good, 3 is not. I’d have pushed 10, had it not been for 1 slice of bologna along with the sodium of canned soup


Weight and Steps. I’m not moving to lose weight – but to be healthy. Added benefit – losing weight. I’m beginning to feel I have a waist again!

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Discovery 1: So, this little black piece of plastic I wear around my wrist, aka the UP24, is truly motivating me:

  • We went to our place in No Ga this weekend and I normally am quite inactive there – I read, I knit, etc.  Not so this weekend:  On Friday, I took several walks around our property and at one point – just basically did a parade march in the back  yard (our back yard is HUGE!).  It was quite meditative and wonderful.
  • On Saturday, I decided to do a Leslie Sansone workout (I stream from Gaiam TV).  Afterwards, I asked my husband how annoying hearing my stepping was.  His answer: I didn’t notice.  So – working out our a place in No Ga is an option I though I didn’t have!

Discovery 2: I am allergic or sensitive to certain kinds, hopefully not all, of soy.  This part may be TMI – sorry in advance.  We decided to go have lunch at this wonderful Asian place that specializes in Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.  We had egg rolls (more like spring rolls), pan fried pork dumplings and because I wanted vegetables, I ordered a hot pot of chicken Tom Yum soup.   Within two sips of the soup, my stomach turned.  I stopped eating, because I recognized the turn – within an hour, I’d be puking.  And I was – in the restroom at the Ingles in Blairsville (so sorry to anyone who heard me – it was truly awful).  The rest of the afternoon was spent  – well, to be delicate – having my system drained from both ends.  Not fun.

So why the self diagnosis of an allergy or sensitivity to soy?  Because this has happened once before – in the same restaurant.  This time, the culprit, we think, was a soy based ginger dressing on a yummy salad.  Unfortunately, I didn’t stop eating  that time.  It was a very ugly afternoon.

Anyway, the soy – or tofu – are the only commonalities.  The distress came on too quickly to be food poisoning and the first time, my husband ate exactly what I did and was not ill.  We looked up the symptoms for allergies to soy and well – I was a text book case form 3 of them.

I think I can eat soy sauce – will try.  I will, though, avoid anything that has tofu in it including miso soup.  That makes me sad – but it’s better than another unpleasant afternoon.

And on a more pleasant, sort of, topic – the southeast may be in for some wintery weather. Hubby and I are prepared – and I gave myself a break: Instead of planning to have bologna sandwiches each day for lunch, the way hubby is, I’m having Progresso Soup.  I may have a sandwich one day – but only one.  I really want to stick with my lighter lunches.  I’m feeling SO much better.

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So, where have I been?

  • Working out with Leslie Sansone in the garage.  It just feels better than anything else
  • Playing with my new Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker
  • Logging food in MyFitnessPal
  • Losing 3 lbs or there abouts
  • Making time for myself

About that Jawbone Up24 fitness band:

I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker.  I thought I wanted a Fitbit Flex but Apple and Fitbit don’t play well.  I did research and read some really positive reviews of the UP app that supports the fitness band.  So, I had Target gift cards from my birthday and Christmas and last weekend, I took them and got myself the band.  Downloaded the app and learned that food logging wasn’t as easy as I had hoped, thus MyFitnessPal, which plays very well with the UP app.

What I love about the UP app is that it is not full of numbers.  Food gets logged and I see a food score for the day – 10 is good, 3 is not.  I’m no where near a 10 yet.  The thing is, it keeps me from getting caught up in the numbers the way I’ve done in the past.

What I love about the band itself?  It’s easy to forget you’re wearing it, but when you look down and see it, it’s a great visual reminder to get up and  move.  Better yet – it has vibration alarms.  I have it set so that if I don’t move for an hour between 9 AM and 9PM, it buzzes me.  I love it.  I also love that it tracks my sleep and my steps.  And updates the app (and MyFitnessPal) almost immediately.

Joining that gym was a good positive kick in the butt for me.  I HATE gyms and treadmills and once again, I was looking for a magic bullet instead of what I already had in my arsenal.  I quickly saw that I had made a mistake and looked around for what I knew I would do:  Leslie Sansone.  I always go back to her workouts.  They are easy to do (no movements or poses to make you feel like a beached whale), they can be ramped up or ratcheted down depending on fitness level.  I’m feeling good about myself for the first time in a long time.

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Today’s weight: 183.4

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So, walking makes me sore

I joined the gym for one month.  I didn’t like the pricing options – it was either shell out a lot now to have the freedom to break a contract and have a low monthly rate or commit to a year to have that low rate.  I decided to opt for a one month membership and will look at moving to committing to a year after I see how well I go for a month.

What I like about the gym:

  • It is completely no nonsense.  It’s a gym and that’s all it purports itself to being.
  • All types of people go there – in shape people staying in shape, out of shape people getting in shape.  Young people, old people.
  • All but one person I saw seemed to be concentrating on getting the workout done and then getting out.
  • Its small
  • I had no difficulty getting a treadmill at the time I arrived
  • There was absolutely no pressure to join and buy other services

What I didn’t like:

  • The pricing model is misleading
  • It’s a little depressing – not as bright as I would like
  • It’s industrial.  But that seems to be a theme
  • The girl at the front desk is a total bimbo who can’t remember that she talked to me the night before,

How did I feel as I was working out?

  • A little out of place
  • Uncomfortable in the only work out clothes I own that fit (remedying that problem today – sweats are not designed for sweaty workouts. I love the irony)
  • A little self-conscious -that will ease as I get into it
  • Good.  I felt stress melting.

And how do I feel today?  SORE!  That’s OK.  I didn’t stretch after – I was running short of time.  That should not be the case going forward.

So – the treadmill is now part of my ‘give myself a break’ plan for the next month.

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