Looking for the gratitude…

… and honestly, I shouldn’t feel like it’s hard to feel, but I sort of do.

Our cat almost strangled to death yesterday.  He would have, if we hadn’t been home.  We were.  Kitty is alive and OK.  Thankful.

My mother was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She’s stable and my brother is with her.  My job affords me the luxury of being able to work from anywhere when necessary so I go to relive him on Tuesday.  Thankful.

We were in a car wreck today.  A split second difference and I think my husband would have been killed.  Instead no one was hurt. Thankful.

And I am thankful.  I’m also inexplicably sad.  I have been for a week and I can’t shake it.

I think I need time to myself – time for journaling and centering.  We’ve had a tough few years and maybe it’s all just hitting home.

I am exploring the Desire Map again.  I don’t think I’ve ever completely abandoned it – but it definitely hasn’t been first and foremost in my mind over the past few years.  But it is now.  I still like my core desired feelings (CDF) – especially the wrapper one: Sublimely Satisfied.  I’m working on fine tuning.  Peace and Serenity floating to the top a lot.

One of the things that hit me with a rush when my new Desire Map Planner arrived is that instead of asking What Will I Do to Feel the Way I Want to Feel?  I should be asking – What will I eat to feel the way I want to feel?  And when I ask that question – I do make better choices.  And then there was a better question to ask – HOW will I eat to feel the way I want to eat?

Being grateful.  Being mindful.  Accepting the funk with the joy. Yeah -that’s going to be my focus this month.



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What I’m not buying today

Lack of craft stuff space, lack of time for a new hobby and a growing dislike of clutter influenced bypassing the buy click. But wow, this is a great wreath



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I forget to do the things that help me feel centered and at peace. Being grateful is one. I found a site to help with that: gratefulness.io. Sign to get a text message reminder. Reply with what your grateful for & it’s added to a private journal.   Gratitude journaling made easy

Today I’m grateful to be able to sweep mounds of leaves from our porch in beautiful morning light.


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My “Charlie Brown” chrysanthemum


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Anniversary Cake


Six years of marriage and six years with our mountain sanctuary. 

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