Small successes

Just a list of recent successes:

  • Chose teriyaki salmon over yakisoba today at lunch.  This way, I didn’t have too much starch AND I had leftover salmon for lunch tomorrow.  Which I’m having with a kale salad.
  • Prepped veggies for my lunches this week: kale salad, and sautéed greens.
  • Actually did a Barre3 workout
  • Totally nailed it this year’s halloween package for the little girl next door. Yep – that’s a hand knit Barbie dress.


Rainy vacation

DH and I are off for a much needed week of relaxation.  Our May vacation was preempted by my father’s death. He died the Sunday our week off was to have started. Needless to say rest and relaxation did not happen that week.

Fast forward several blurry months and here we are. Camped out in our N Georgia sanctuary enjoying that peace that a rainy day and a cup of tea will offer. We got here Friday and it has been cloudy and rainy ever since. This has left much time for knitting and pondering the state of my mind.

And of course pondering the state of my mind leads to aimless wandering through the Internet. Probably looking for that magic pill. Didn’t find one. Go figure.

But I did stumble across the combined work of two fitness/diet bloggers I admire: Roni from Roni’s Weigh and Carla from Carla Birnberf – Unapologetically Myself.  The two ladies have combined their talents to help spread the word about a completely common sense practice that must of us forget in our quest to be perfect: Do what you can when you can.  #wycwyc

i think taking this nugget of common sense to heart will help with my consistency issues.  Today, I took a baby step  I had tea and knit instead of noshing on cake.  This helped me feel more satisfied with myself.


Traveling = Self-Induced Stress

I don’t travel well.  I should qualify that – I don’t do air travel well.  In fact, I suck at it.

I had to travel for work last week.  My first work travel in 12 years and my first air travel in 9 years.  Um.  Things have change a lot since 2006.  So much so that I missed my flight out on Monday morning,  As I sat on the train waiting at the farthest station from the airport and we didn’t move for 10 minutes, I knew I was going to miss the plane.

Lesson: If the flight is at 11 AM, leave the house at 7:30 AM, not 8:30 AM.  In fact, leaving at 7AM would likely be better.

What I did do well:

  • I packed 3 ThinkThin bars so I’d have a source of protein in the mornings.  Worked like a charm.
  • I packed the right clothes! Not too hot, not too cool.
  • I let my boss do the driving

I hope I don’t have to travel again, but I have a feeling I will.  And if I find it will be more often than anticipated, I will be investing in some new luggage.

For now, I’m thrilled to be home with my babies. This one is waiting on me.


Still liking Sublimely Satisfied…

… even if it seems a bit smug-sounding.

That said, I’m not sure what I did this week other than ‘show up’ to engender feeling sublimely satisfied.

I take that back.  I did something yesterday morning that profoundly made a difference in how this weekend feels:

DH and I were slated to be out of town this weekend and I’m slated to be on an airplane for work on Monday.  I was feeling incredibly stressed and wondering how I was going to do it all.  And DH is exhausted still from his marathon working weekend last weekend.  And it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

So, I suggested to DH that we stay home.  I told him he was too tired to drive in the rain and that his cat missed him.  He agreed.  Stress is somewhat alleviated.  And I am happy that I made a suggestion that helped make that happen.

And I’ve decided that I only need to name one Core Desired Feeling – Engaged and Sexy are just further refinements of sublimely satisfied.

Speaking of engaged   – I just found a fantastic editorial site: The Conversation.  It’s a site where journalists and editors work with academics and researchers to write engaging, informative and non-partisan articles.  DH read a great piece from an ethicist about the VW debacle.  And I read how a librarian raised community awareness about book banning by banning a book. If you like to be informed and challenged to think, this may be a site worth checking out.

Speaking of sexy. Um. Not. ‘Nuf said.

Sublimely Satisfied – peaceful study

I’ve recovered enough to start caring about how I want to feel and realized what I want has changed some.  I’m still defining the list and I know that Sublimely Satisfied will be on it.  Probably first.

What does that mean for me?  It covers a gamut of feelings:

  • The feeling of peace when walking into my study and everything is in it’s place and feels serene instead of cluttered.
  • Feeling/being naturally healthy
  • Feeling I am enough/worthy
  • Feeling that I am kicking a** and taking names at work
  • Feeling connected and supported with friends

I’ve been working this morning – taking the actions needed to feel Sublimely Satisfied.  I did a huge first pass on cleaning & clearing my study.  I asked myself “Does this spark joy?” and I tossed all remaining self-help books (i.e., books that tell you that you’re broken and that the authors have the sole key to fixing you) except The Artist’s Way because it does spark joy.  Writing morning pages played a huge role in my learning to manage depression.

I tossed a very precious item too.  An afghan my aunt crocheted for me as a high school graduation present.  I’ve kept it with me all these years.  I  treasure knowing she made it for me.  I was my ‘security blanket’ for many years.  When I moved in with DH, I didn’t need it and it was relegated to the study where it collected dust and became cat-damaged,  I thanked it and said good-bye.

And now, my study feels lighter.  It feels more serene (it’s not quite there – I have cabinets, drawers and a closet to purge) and I feel at peace.  Satisfied with my efforts this morning.

And while I was doing all this? I had music that I love playing in the background.  Sublimely satisfying.