From my email… a #truthbomb that is so timely


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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

… like
… like Colette Baron-Reid’s Weight Energetix Lite
… like the Church of Denial

So I recently posted about losing my sexy to a bad hair cut (the cut itself is great, just not great for me). I’ve been doing some reflecting and have realized that I have been looking for self love every where but the self!

I abandoned setting daily intentions to act to support my core desired feelings. I got caught up in one trend after another. New rules to live by. Abandoned at the first test.

I forgot that I’m not broken and that I don’t need fixing. Maybe some of my habits do and definitely some of my thinking does. But I don’t. I am enough just as I am.

I am sexy enough
I am beautiful enough
I am caring enough
I am smart enough
I am funny enough
I am enough

And I feel enough when I act on my desires to feel light, content and connected.

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I’ve a bit of Samson in me

I really didn’t learn that much from my media break. I was doing pretty well until I made a decision that made me realize I’ve got way too much of my power wrapped up in external trappings. I’m reminded of the Samson and Delilah from the Old Testament:

Samson’s strength lay in his hair. He confided that secret to Delilah, who betrayed him to his enemies. His hair was cut and he was blinded. And he lost all of his strength.

So, I cut my hair and in doing so, I lost my sexy. I love the ease of the new cut. It really is super easy. And I’m told it’s flattering. And I see it on pretty much every menopausal woman I see. And I feel frumpy.

And when I feel frumpy, what do I do? I act frumpy. I don’t take care of myself. Instead, I abuse myself. Yep – out of control eating.

I had not connected the dots before. The last time I had what I considered a bad hair cut, I gained 30 lbs. This time – hopefully only around 5. The 5 I had probably lost.

So – what to do? Recognize the trigger and choose to react differently. I may not be able to grow my hair out overnight, but I can wear it well, do my face up right and carry myself with confidence. And I can do other things that make me feel sexy and beautiful.

Damn – what are those thing? I really and truly have put all my sexy eggs in one basket! What makes me feel sexy?

Wearing beautiful clothes that fit. Hmmm – I have a few.
Making sure my nails are done -will do that this afternoon
Enjoying scrumptious food without guilt (hello donut whisperer)

There it is again – DANCING.

I can do that.

So – I just needed to tap into my inner being for the key. And that key is moving in a way that turns on the endorphins. Dancing really does help with that – I’m listening and grooving to music I love.

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Media Break

I’m taking a media break – from consuming media and from producing media. That means I’ll be absent here for around months.

And when I get back, I hope to report what I’ve learned.

Be well.

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Thursday Randomness

Is that a word?  Randomness?  I like it and I’m going with it!

  1. I need to stay away from a certain self-help book junkie on MFD
  2. Based on that same shb junkie’s recommendation, I bought the Donut Whisperer.  It’s an interesting amalgamation of ideas.  So far, so good.
  3. I enjoyed cup cakes today with no guilt
  4. Looking forward to Pilates on Saturday
  5. Had a good visit with my parents – always thankful for those
  6. Spring seems to really be here – yay!
  7. Dealing with dying pets gets harder with each one
  8. I’m wearing smaller clothes
  9. I’m not wearing black
  10. I love daffodils 


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