Media Break

I’m taking a media break – from consuming media and from producing media. That means I’ll be absent here for around months.

And when I get back, I hope to report what I’ve learned.

Be well.

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Thursday Randomness

Is that a word?  Randomness?  I like it and I’m going with it!

  1. I need to stay away from a certain self-help book junkie on MFD
  2. Based on that same shb junkie’s recommendation, I bought the Donut Whisperer.  It’s an interesting amalgamation of ideas.  So far, so good.
  3. I enjoyed cup cakes today with no guilt
  4. Looking forward to Pilates on Saturday
  5. Had a good visit with my parents – always thankful for those
  6. Spring seems to really be here – yay!
  7. Dealing with dying pets gets harder with each one
  8. I’m wearing smaller clothes
  9. I’m not wearing black
  10. I love daffodils 


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Feeling Good Is the Primary Intention

The name of this post makes me feel like a Trekkie – but I’m not. The name is a result of working through The Desire Map and listening to The Desire Map Experience in which Danielle pauses with a not so subliminal message: Feeling Good is the Primary Intention.

Combining this new way of thinking about my choices and activities with The Donut Whisperer’s (yes, I bought another diet book thanks to Dianne on MFD) plan to enjoy food again, I feel – well, good . :)

I want to feel Light, Content and Connection.

Light – in spirit and in body

Content – with my choices, my accomplishments, my life

Connection – with the earth, my soul, my husband, my family and my friends.

And today, I’m choosing to enjoy food and leave some on the plate so that I will feel light in my body and content with my decision. And I’m going to lace up my sneakers this afternoon and take my iPhone on a walk to capture images of spring about to pop so that I will feel connection with the earth and my soul.

How do you want to feel today?


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Week 3 – no added sugars or fried foods

… and I’m over it.  Really.  The detox is done.  I no longer feel like I could eat an entire package of cookies in one sitting.  I picked a month to do this so I’m hanging in there and continuing my avoidance.  I’m just acknowledging that I’m pretty much over it.

Pilates was wonderful!

And the promotion details came through.  I accepted though not thrilled with the compensation offered.  The opportunity is fantastic.

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Ten Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I’m hungry and looking forward to dinner
  2. I’m being offered a promotion at work -and don’t have the details yet.  That’s a bit crazy making
  3. Feeling better hasn’t quite been motivation to not eat sweets or fried foods this week. But I’ve stuck to my guns.
  4. Feeling a bit apprehensive about the pilates class on Saturday
  5. So ready for it to truly be spring – but the Bradford pears and saucer magnolias are blooming
  6. I feel so sorry for that cat that ‘held the family hostage’
  7. So glad I reactivated Audible – I’ve been listening to Danielle Laporte’s audio companion to The Desire Map.  It helps.
  8. Did I mention I’m hungry?
  9. What is the 40 day declutter thing people are doing for Lent?  I’ve scored a bento like food box and a necklace that were cast-offs.  Thank you.
  10. I should probably do some decluttering myself.
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