Eating to the Pleasure Scale: Days 3 and 4

Overall, I think I can call both days a success.

At meals, I stayed focused and left bites on the table when I noticed pleasure slipping. BTW – the less hungry you are, the faster the pleasure scale slips. I’m eating to unhungry instead of stuffed. I love it.

I had a huge success today – I went to one of my favorite lunch spots – by myself – and had a nice lunch. I was really looking forward to it – a yummy salad with a yummy breadstick. I left parts of the salad and took half the bread stick with me to have for a snack. Which I did. But actually taking a break and not trying to work while I ate made a huge difference.

And I worked out today. I made it fun – Leslie Sansone – but with my music.

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The Pleasure Scale

At the suggestion of a friend on My Food Diary, bought and read The Donut Whisperer: I’ve tried it all now what.  It was worth the $15.  The premise is simple: to lose weight you must eat less. To consistently eat less, you need to not feel deprived. So eat what you love and never eat it all. And remind yourself another yummy meal is just a few hours away. 

Instead of eating to a hunger scale, it was recommended to eat to the pleasure scale.  I don’t have the book with me so I’m going to wing it here:

10 – close your eyes and swoon 

9 – everything is smiling good

8- yummy in my tummy

7 – mm mm good

6 – good

5 – ok

4 – meh

3 – blah

2- why am I eating this

1 – ugh

The goal is to start at 9 or 10 and choose to stop between 6 & 7. 

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A 30 Day Pleasure Scale Challenge: Day 2

I came so close to telling my husband that I wanted to go back on Optifast this week. I want to do something about my weight and I want the instant gratification of weighing 30 lbs less NOW.

Then my brain re-engaged and I realized the impermanence of that solution. The permanent solution is for me to learn to love my body and really believe I can eat for pleasure with some guidelines. My guidelines, no on else’s.

What are my guidelines?

1. Enjoy food based on the pleasure scale
2. Respect the pleasure scale and choose to not eat beyond it

That’s it. 2 simple guidelines.

I know there are lots of other things I can do: keep a food diary, keep a mood diary, work out all the time, etc. And maybe overt time, I’ll add to my base guidelines.

For now, I’m challenging myself to respect the pleasure scale when it comes to food. For the next 30 days, I’m committing to enjoying my food until I feel the pleasure scale slipping below a 7. Then I must stop, breathe and assess and if continued eating will not produce pleasure, then I must choose to stop eating it. Leaving food on the plate is desired.

This supports all three of my core desired feelings:

LIGHT: eating less will naturally help me feel light and by avoiding over eating, I’ll avoid the heaviness of guilt and angst about food and my self worth.

CONTENT: Eating to the pleasure scale will naturally help me feel content with food choices without feeling deprived.

CONNECTION: Really homing in on what gives me pleasure will help me become more connected with myself.

So, that’s it. I started my challenge yesterday. I did not enjoy my lunch and left some behind, though my natural inclination is to clean the plate unless what is on it is inedible. Last night we had fried chicken. I realized I like 2 things about fried chicken: the decadent breaded skin and the meat closest to the bone. I pulled the meat away from the bone and ate that closest to the bone first. I left several bites that would not have been as pleasurable.

Today is Day 2. I’m feeling strong and confident that I’ll be able to choose foods I love and enjoy them until the pleasure scale slips.

More on the pleasure scale later.

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From my email… a #truthbomb that is so timely


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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

… like
… like Colette Baron-Reid’s Weight Energetix Lite
… like the Church of Denial

So I recently posted about losing my sexy to a bad hair cut (the cut itself is great, just not great for me). I’ve been doing some reflecting and have realized that I have been looking for self love every where but the self!

I abandoned setting daily intentions to act to support my core desired feelings. I got caught up in one trend after another. New rules to live by. Abandoned at the first test.

I forgot that I’m not broken and that I don’t need fixing. Maybe some of my habits do and definitely some of my thinking does. But I don’t. I am enough just as I am.

I am sexy enough
I am beautiful enough
I am caring enough
I am smart enough
I am funny enough
I am enough

And I feel enough when I act on my desires to feel light, content and connected.

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