Simple Pleasures

I think this may be a new theme for blog entries from time to time – I’m becoming more appreciative of the simple pleasures and want to share…

My new favorite pamper and soothe without chocolate routine: A minty salt bath gel.

One whiff and my spirit lightens!

One whiff and my spirit lightens!

I have decided to give “Donut Whispering” and eating to the pleasure scale another chance. This time – I’m actually doing the logging and making sure I leave bites behind. And I’m also tracking the number of times I practice distracted eating.

What constitutes distracted eating for me?

  • Eating while standing up
  • Eating while doing anything else
  • Picking at food after I’ve decided I no longer need to eat

The results of actively tracking each time I eat distractedly? So far – I am catching myself and stopping. It’s going to be very hard habit to break – especially at work.  But I think a new rule is about to be made about my work habits: no eating at my desk.

And just a little thing I’ve learned – while I suck at belly dancing, it makes me feel very feminine and even pretty.

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Unintended Hiatus

And unacknowledged comments! Let’s remedy that now.

Becky – I love the flowers and need to remember to actually see them when I look at my technology – flowers are on the home screen of all my computers (work and home), my phone and my tablet. And I’ve realized that peonies fall into the same category as overblown roses. The are the epitome of feminine.

Snoskred – thanks for the suggestions. I wish I could say I’ve been actively mindful about my thoughts these past few weeks. I haven’t. Something to work on! I seem to like working on things. And if I get better about posting, I can certainly do some shoe blog entries. My husband likens me to Imelda.

And Peach! So glad to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. You know, I’ve found that when I reframe my thoughts so they are less negative, I feel better. And when I feel better – everything seems to tick along more smoothly.

So – DH decided last night that he needs to cook more healthfully to help me manage my weight. Bless him. I’ve been asking for this for the last 5 years. Does this mean less butter or cream to him? Nope. Not at all. It means frying up slices of eggplant and smothering them with a sausage laced Italian gravy and parmesan cheese. He’s cutting my carbs for me! Gotta love him.

That’s it for now.

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Day 4: #ISHINEYOUSHINE: What’s in my heart that I need to let go?

At first, I thought I had an easy answer: the diet mentality.  And then I thought I had an easier answer: thinking I need to lose weight to be good enough (not that getting rid of that thinking wouldn’t be a good thing).  But no – this question isn’t about easy.  As the answer came to me in a flash.  An uncomfortable flash.  I need to let go of a behavior that harms me as much as it does others: being judgmental.

I do it all day long – usually without realizing it.  I see someone I think is not dressed appropriately and make snarky remarks in my mind.  Or someone who’s grocery cart is full of processed foods and think to myself “no wonder that person is a slob.”  I could go on – but I think you get the drift.

What does this thinking do?  First, it puts a wall up between me and  everyone. Who wants to be open to someone who’s going to snipe behind your back, even if it’s only in her mind?    It prevents me from seeing beauty wherever I can.  And it prevents me from loving myself. Because the reality is that when I’m mentally passing judgement on someone, I’m also passing it on myself.  The object of the judgement may never know what I was thinking – but I do I realize it’s almost like taking a beating by proxy.

I’m not sure how to go about letting go of this behavior.  I think being aware of it is a good first step.

I have to say – I’m really digging the topics on the #ISHINEYOUSHINE challenge.  I’m thinking in ways I’ve not thought before.

And one of the thoughts I’ve had is that I must abandon the lifelong goal of losing weight.  That goal is weighing me down and beating me up and I’m not willing to make the changes needed to accomplish it.  It’s keeping me from shining.

Another thought is that I’ve really been hiding my femininity.   I’ve never embraced it – except for one period in my life – when I described how I felt as being like an overblown rose: full of life, round, sexy, strong.  And more than anything – that’s want I want to feel: round, sexy and strong.  Round = balanced. Sexy = attracted, attractive, turned on – and not just sexually.  Strong = physically, mentally, emotionally.

And I’ve come up new mantras:

I eat to feel feminine
I move to feel feminine
I think to feel feminine

Eat, Move, Think, Be Feminine.

Doesn’t that sound better than lose weight?  It sure feels better.

And aren’t the almost overblown roses in my banner lovely?

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Day 2: #ishineyoushine: The way I want to feel in my body is….

I’ve signed up for 2 challenges – one Liz Dialto’s #IShineYouShine challenge. It’s designed to change that stinky thinking that makes us feel badly about ourselves.

And I’m repeating the Live More Weigh Less 30 Day Challenge.

Both challenges are all about using social media, which I suck at so won’t even worry about trying. Instead, I’ll post periodic updates here.

I didn’t do Day 1 of the I Shine You Shine Challenge and I’m invoking Pemo Chodron’s “Start Where You Are” by jumping into Day 2.

Day 2’s challenge is complete this sentence, being sure to add the why’s: The way I want to feel in my body is…

… I want to feel peace in my body, along with grace,ease, strength and flexibility.

I want to feel peace because I know all the inner turmoils I set up for myself around eating and moving are probably more harmful than not eating as well as I should and not moving as much as I should.

I want to feel grace in my body because well – the word just resonated with me last night and today. Feel grace, move with grace, be with grace. Not sure how to get there, but I want it!

I want to feel ease in my body. Perhaps that’s an echo of peace and grace. With ease, I mean moving with ease but also nurturing myself with ease.

I want to feel strength in my body because when my body is strong I feel strong mentally and emotionally. I feel like I can rock the world. And I miss that feeling.

And lastly I want to feel flexibility in my body because I’m not the least little bit flexible and stretching hurts. I know that as I get older, the more flexible I am, the better I’ll be able to move with ease and grace.

There that’s it. No resolutions. Just declarations of how I want to feel in my body and why.

Interested in participating in the challenge?

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Eating to the Pleasure Scale: Days 3 and 4

Overall, I think I can call both days a success.

At meals, I stayed focused and left bites on the table when I noticed pleasure slipping. BTW – the less hungry you are, the faster the pleasure scale slips. I’m eating to unhungry instead of stuffed. I love it.

I had a huge success today – I went to one of my favorite lunch spots – by myself – and had a nice lunch. I was really looking forward to it – a yummy salad with a yummy breadstick. I left parts of the salad and took half the bread stick with me to have for a snack. Which I did. But actually taking a break and not trying to work while I ate made a huge difference.

And I worked out today. I made it fun – Leslie Sansone – but with my music.

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